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P.S. Of course, these days we aren’t as close to eachother as on the photo. We like to wave to each other from a distance!

Dear customers,

Since we started our "myfelt-journey" in 2013 with much joy and passion, we have been confronted with numerous challenges. We have emerged stronger from each one - we have never lost our joy and passion. And each one has brought us closer to our goal: to make your home more beautiful and to preserve, appreciate and promote a centuries-old craft. At myfelt, fair trade has always been more than just a simple advertising promise. Rapid growth and maximum profit were secondary from the very beginning. Our products are not infinitely scalable, and the manpower of our artisans* is not infinite, but a human, limited commodity.

Now we have faced a challenge that surpasses anything we have ever faced before. We wake up in a new world that looks different than the day before. As we, like each of you, are entering unknown territory with the accelerated development of Covid-19, it is essential for us at myfelt to take measures to protect the safety of our employees, partners and customers. Whenever possible, we work from home. We have taken extensive measures both in our showroom and our dispatch department; above all strict hygiene regulations.

We are here for you in our shop in Berlin, as well as via our website www.myfelt-europe.com or e-mail at info(at)myfelt.com. You can also reach us via phone on +49 (0)30 71535795 weekdays between 11am and 6pm.  All of our beautiful myfelt products are available as per usual. We apologise if there may be slight delays in delivery from time to time and thank you very much for your support and understanding.

Our mission at myfelt has always been to support people in creating their own homes full of warmth and security - with honest felt design, sustainably created in highest quality. At the moment, this is more important than ever, as the home has become the centre of life for all of us. Whether you are at home with the whole family or in a room that belongs only to you.

Stay healthy, mindful and trusting - together we will also master this challenge. In the near future, may we all keep our physical distance, but move a little closer together on the inside.

Aaron Friday
on behalf of the entire myfelt family